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Chris Rose is a designer, researcher and educator specializing in cross-discipline work, creativity and knowledge building in the field of Design. He is a Senior Critic in the Department of Furniture Design, and a second thesis advisor in the Department of Architecture. Chris has served as research consultant for the National Science Foundation EPSCoR program at RISD. He currently teaches the BioDeseign Studio graduate elective in the Nature Lab. He is a fellow of the Arts Letters and Numbers project in New York founded by architect David Gersten and recently contributed to the UNESCO innovation unit workshop on Information Poverty held at ALN.

Chris was formerly Academic Program Leader of Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton, England, and in the Centre for Research and Development there. He has been supervising design-related PhDs since 2003. He has conducted specialized seminars in research for cognitive, haptic and creative aspects of design thinking, and engineering for composite materials in Finland, India, Italy, France, Holland, Australia, UK and the USA. In 2013, Chris was invited to consult on the formation of a new joint masters degree in architecture and engineering at Aalto University, and currently has a research and teaching exchange with the Sustainable Design masters program at the University of South Australia.

Chris is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London.





Green Composites (Second Edition)


A volume in Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering, which focuses on natural and waste-based composites for a sustainable future. Edited by: Caroline Baillie and Randika Jayasinghe [ISBN: 978-0-08-100783-9]


Light and Materiality

2012, 2015, 2016

‘Light and Materiality’ is a booklet for anyone interested in the phenomenology of human visual perception and the projection of conscious visual experience into the world. The 2012 version is accessible from my website and a 2016 expanded and updated version is now available. [Read More]


Arts Letters and Numbers


Arts Letters and Numbers is an emergent multi-aspected educational project founded by architect David Gersten. Embracing Theatre, Architecture, Music, Physics, Health, Knowledge-Building, Embodied Cognition and Making in the material world, it regularly draws a diversity of participants to its facilities not far from Albany NY. Chris is a fellow of the project and is a regular contributor.


Drawing and Hand Surgery

Collaboration with surgeon Donald Sammut and the University of Brighton


A designer and a hand surgeon compare the experiences with and meanings of the practice of drawing by hand, within and between their different fields. [Vimeo Video]


Cross Cultural Knowledge Building and differing WorldViews


Academic Exchange with University of South Australia Masters in Sustainable Design Program led by Peter Walker. Includes a collaboration with the Ngarrindjeri people of the Coorong region.


Relationships between surface and deep knowledge


Aalto University Helsinki – Pedagogical research plan for interdisciplinary Master’s programs in architecture and engineering, emphasizing participatory planning and social justice. [Read More]


Making The Geologic Now


A publication from Punctum Books New York, linking together may arts projects with a geological theme, identifying geologically sourced insights into human affairs. [Read More]


Biomechanical Data informs Students about Chair Design


The Wild Chair Workshop is an annual participatory workshop to improve understanding about movement, balance, anticipation, and sustainable comfort. [Read More]


The Breathing City Project

Festival of Science | the Royal Society of Science


An installation for the Royal Society of Science with collaborator Holger Zschenderlein, concerning the challenges of meaningful representation in complex systems, in this case climate change and ice behavior. The installation combined two tons of melting ice with audio visual renderings of data-driven variables, providing a public encounter space for visitors to share questions prompted.



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