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As founder and director of Muchieast LLC, Enrique Martínez is a systems designer working at the intersection of social, cultural and urban contemporary practices by incorporating the principles of systems innovation and creative thinking. He holds a Master in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid; and a Master in Industrial Design, with Honors, from the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was granted the Norman Bel Geddes award in 1998.

He is a Senior Critic at the Rhode Island School of Design and a Visiting Lecturer at Brown University. At the City of Providence, he serves in the Zoning Board of Reviews and the Capital Center Commission, and was a founding member of the Rhode Island Food Policy Council and Co-Chair of the City Services Commission, as part of Mayor Elorza’s Transition Steering Committee.

As an international consultant, he works with public, private and non-profit organizations in areas such as health, urban systems, and government to incorporate the principles of strategic design into their everyday operations. He believes that today’s complex problems affecting small and large agencies are systemic in nature, and may not be solved with traditional analytical and operational methods anymore; rather, they demand a new synthetic approach that maximizes individual and team capacities by combining rationality and lateral thinking.

Enrique is the Systems Innovation and Design Lead with the Clinical Trials System Project, a multi-year, strategic research project spearheaded by MIT Collaborative Initiatives and the Systems Institute at Johns Hopkins University. In 2013 and 2014 he was a process consultant with CENTRO de Diseño, Cine y TV. In this role, he engaged a number of stakeholders in envisioning the role that creative intelligence and design thinking are meant to play in defining higher education in 21st century Mexico.

In addition to his professional, research and academic work, Enrique is the author of a number of books, including Material Legacies: bamboo (2000) and Design in Hand: the evolution of writing instruments (2003). In 2014, he finished his most recent book to date, Intuitive Cartographies, a work in two volumes that explores the role of drawing, mapping and storytelling in the definition of design processes for different contexts.





Design Lead, The Clinical Trials Systems Project

The MIT Collaborative Initiatives and The Systems Institute at Johns Hopkins University.


Co-Director, The Public Space and Public Health project

Division of Graduate Studies, RISD.


Faculty Advisor, Health + Design initiative

A student-driven initiative to create new curriculum open to Brown and RISD students. In collaboration with Brown’s Alpert Medical School.



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