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Jeffrey Poland has degrees in philosophy of science (PhD, MIT 1983) and clinical psychology (MA, Southern Connecticut State University 1982). In addition to having extensive clinical experience in inpatient psychiatric rehabilitation, he has held academic positions at Colgate University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Currently, he teaches in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Science at RISD and in the Science and Technology Studies Program at Brown University, and he is Interim Director of that program for the academic year 2015-16. Courses include: Neuroethics; Science and Social Controversy; and Controversial Issues in Abnormal Psychology. Jeffrey’s primary research interests concern the nature of mental illness and problems with contemporary approaches to psychiatric classification, research, and clinical practice. Other research interests focus on philosophical materialism and the unity of science and on issues concerning the place of science in society. In addition to various publications in these areas, he co-edits (with Jennifer Radden) the book series, Philosophical Psychopathology, at The MIT Press.





Extraordinary Science: Responding to the Current Crisis in Psychiatric Research

In preparation, co-edited with Serife Tekin. The MIT Press

An edited collection of original papers concerning the current crisis in psychiatric research and the period of “extraordinary science” which is unfolding as a consequence.


The Promise of Computational Psychiatry for Mental Illness Research

Forthcoming in “Extraordinary Science: Responding to the Current Crisis in Psychiatric Research,” with Michael Frank. The MIT Press

A paper outlining the research framework of the innovative research program of “computational psychiatry” and examples of research concerning Parkinson’s Disease and Schizophrenia that demonstrate the promise of the program.


Treatment and Rehabilitation of Severe Mental Illness

Spaulding, W., Sullivan, M., and Poland,J. (2003) Guilford Press

A monograph outlining a clinical framework for psychiatric rehabilitation of severe mental illness.


Addiction and Responsibility

Poland, J. and Graham, G. (2011)  The MIT Press

A collection of original papers examining the significance of addiction for questions of legal and moral responsibility.


Deeply Rooted Sources of Error and Bias in Psychiatric

Poland, J. (2014), in Psychiatric Classification and Natural Kinds, H. Kincaid & J. Sullivan (eds), The MIT Press

A paper identifying deep assumptions in psychiatric research which have contributed to the current crisis in such research and which threaten to undermine future research efforts such as those working within the NIMH’s Research Domain Criteria Initiative.



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