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Jesse Asjes is an Assistant Professor of Textiles at RISD, and the founder of TECHNICAL KNIT SOLUTIONS by jsssjs. Using professional techniques and maximizing the potential of her materials, she pursues high aesthetic quality in everything she produces, both in her solo work and in collaboration with research companies, designers and fashion labels.

Asjes is an expert in the use of industrial, computer-controlled knitting machines, and uses her knowledge of product design to forge connections between industry and designers by providing tailored guidance. Working within the discipline of ‘beta textiles’, she explores how solid materials become flexible by integrating them within wearable products. Using an open-source approach, she aims to make knitwear technology more accessible for designers and to create awareness among consumers. Her ambitions are international, and she has a strong interest in both global product development and local production.





Vibe-ing – CRISP smart textile services

2013 – 2014

Vibe-ing is a self-care tool in the form of a garment, which invites the body to feel, move, and heal through vibration therapy. The merino wool garment contains knitted pockets, embedded with electronic circuit boards that enable the garment to sense touch and vibrate specific pressure points on the body. With this design we aim to inform a multi-disciplinary audience about the opportunities of integrating textile and vibration for self-healthcare services at home or even in everyday activities. To treat osteoporosis effectively this design project was implemented in collaboration with multidisciplinary experts, such as textile designers, design researchers, and an electronics engineer.

By integrating vibration actuators in textile pockets the design enables us to program the exact areas and the way of stimulation on the body depending on the specific person’s need for rehabilitation and healing. [Read More]


Vigour – CRISP smart textile services

Vigour is a Product Service System that enables geriatric patients, physiotherapists and family to gain more insight in the exercises and progress of a rehabilitation process. A knitted cardigan with integrated stretch sensors monitors the movements of the upper body, and communicates this data to the service provider.

The garment can be worn all day and thereby gather data, and can be worn when executing rehabilitation exercises. An iPad application uses this data to give direct feedback to the wearer and physiotherapist by making sound and visualizing progress. [Read More]



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