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Kelli Rae Adams is a Critic in Ceramics at RISD and is currently based in Providence, Rhode Island. Kelli holds an MFA in Ceramics from RISD and a BA in Visual Arts and Spanish from Duke University. She has exhibited nationally and internationally at sites including Brown University’s Bell Gallery, private galleries in Japan and India, the Museum of International Ceramic Art in Denmark, and galleries in Manchester and Liverpool. Her study of ceramics began in Japan, where she apprenticed with Tetsuro Hatabe in the Karatsu tradition over a period of five years. She is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and longtime student of contemplative traditions.





Mindful Making: Ceramics and Contemplative Practice in Japan

Ongoing, RISD Wintersession Travel Course

This interdisciplinary studio-based course aims to deepen students’ awareness and understanding of Japanese culture through a joint exploration of traditional ceramic techniques and contemplative practice while traveling and working in the Kansai region of Japan. In the context of this course, meditation techniques are utilized both as a means of gaining deeper insight into many aspects of Japanese culture rooted in contemplative practices and also as tools for supporting creativity and overall well-being.


Yoga for Graduate Students


These weekly non-curriculum, free yoga classes in the CIT building are offered in the interest of supporting students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being, with funding from RISD Counseling and Psychological Services


Yoga in Spatial Dynamics

2011-2014, with Professor Christina Bertoni

A short segment of yoga practice, supported by funds from the Division of Foundation Studies, was incorporated into Spatial Dynamics classes taught by Professor Bertoni over the course of three years. Yoga was offered in these classes as a means of accessing deeper understanding of the physical form in three dimensions as related to course assignments and also as a supportive tool for health, well-being, and stress management.



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