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Khipra Nichols is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at RISD, and is recognized for his role as lead designer on the “Toys for Rehabilitation” project, a RISD / Brown collaboration which was awarded a RI STAC’s grant in 2008. Khipra, a meditation enthusiast, and member of Brown’s Contemplative Studies Initiative, was awarded the Davis Fellowship in 2014 for his pioneering research entitled “Experiences at the Intersection of Contemplative Practice and Design Thinking”. This research has lead to innovative teaching methods that encourage insightful creativity, fresh thinking, and the practice of what he refers to as “Integral Design.” Khipra Nichols Design LLC is involved in a variety of product areas particularly those focused on the promotion of good health and well being.





Wheelchair Dreams

A RISD Advanced Studio

Fall 2016

Nichols ran the Wheelchair Dreams advanced studio as part of his continuing series of Human Powered Vehicle Studios. The goal of the project was for students to improve quality of life for wheelchair users using a human centered design approach, and by rethinking the wheelchair as a platform for innovative infrastructure, accessories and new business models.


Culinary Design

A RISD Special Topics Studio

Fall 2015

Working with local chefs and food entrepreneurs students learn to use design to support the work and play that takes place in the kitchen.


Insightful Creativity Workshop

Summer 2015

A four-day innovation Workshop for students of the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Design, Tokyo Japan. This workshop featured a series of new methods based on Khipra’s “Integral Design,” a fusion of mindfulness and design thinking.


BioMotive: Human powered Vehicle Design

A RISD Advanced Studio

Spring 2015

Students visualized the future of the bike lane by designing and prototyping fun and functional means of mobility to promote fitness, while lowering one’s carbon footprint.


Design for the Human Canine Interface

A RISD Advanced Studio

Spring 2014

A look into the opportunities for design that exist within the relationships we have with our canine family. Students also studied the health and safety needs of society’s growing population of working dogs.


Shoe Design in Italy

A RISD Travel Course

Winters 2013-15

A RISD Wintersession Travel Course co-created by myself and Kathleen Grevers of Apparel Design
Students improved their design process by visiting schools, factories, galleries, museums throughout Northern Italy from Torino to Florence, while practicing sketchbook based innovation methods inspired in part by Leonardo DaVinci’s writings. Students then returned to providence to create unique shoes of their own design based on inspirations from their Italian experience. [Learn More]



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