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Peter Dean has a BFA in Architecture from RISD and a MFA from Boston University Program in Artisanry. He has been a furniture designer/craftsman for 30 years, designing one-of-a-kind and limited editions pieces for the corporate and residential markets. His furniture pieces are held in numerous museum and private collections. Mr. Dean has completed numerous residential architectural projects as well as several product design commissions.

For the last 18 years, Mr. Dean has worked as a Senior Critic in the Department of Furniture Design at RISD where he has taught the Sophomore Studio Curriculum, The Senior Degree Project/Thesis, and Sustainability: Green Materials and Green Behavior. Working with colleagues at RISD, Mr. Dean has developed a Curriculum on Sustainability for RISD. Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies is a 21 credit concentration open to all RISD students. There are currently 78 students committed to this concentration.

In 2014, Mr. Dean accepted an appointment to the Atlantic Council Energy Center in Washington, DC as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow devoted to bringing innovative low carbon energy policy to the fore on the generation, delivery and consumption of electricity.





The Global Sustainability Fellows Program


The Global Sustainability Fellows Program, The Sustainability Laboratory, New York City. This is a multidisciplinary/cross disciplinary educational program for graduate students, during or following their degree, where students representing all degree fields come together for a two-year program devoted to bringing sustainability practices to local communities in each of the five climatic biomes throughout the world. Mr. Dean serves as a process design consultant for the GSFP. Their current project is based in the dry tropics in Costa Rica at the western campus of Earth University in Guanacaste, CR. The local community is called Martina Bustos.


Lyme Disease Research 


I have an ongoing personal project devoted to the epidemic of Lyme Disease. Having contracted the disease when most conventional physicians did not know of its existence, treatment was paltry and at best ineffective. I have devoted the ensuing years to seeking out conventional and alternative treatments for this debilitating condition. In this time, the epidemic which started 25 years ago in Lyme, CT, thus its name, has now spread throughout the Northeast and as far west as Michigan and Minnesota. Cases now number 300,000. Many believe that this is a low estimate, as the condition presents with many symptoms that mirror other conditions.


Memorial Bench Garden Installation

Stone Estate, Marion, MA

Garden installation of a 100′ x 12′ bench commemoration all five members of one generation of the Stone family.

Materials: Rocks, Teak and Bronze
Site: Great Hill Farm, looking east over Buzzards Bay
Design Ethos: We emerge from the soil (rocks), we linger on earth for a while (Teak bench), and we return to the earth (rocks).



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