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Peter Yeadon is a Professor of Interior Architecture at RISD, and the Founder of Yeadon Space Agency in New York City. He is chiefly recognized for his pioneering research into new applications for smart materials and nanomaterials in architecture and design.

Over the past decade, Yeadon has taught a number of courses at RISD that have pursued innovative solutions to a variety of problems, including: water quality and conservation, energy generation and conservation, health and safety, and security. Student projects have included: water test kits, protective gear for first responders and soldiers, personal protection against earthquakes, improved crash test dummies, sensory apparel that monitors infants, surgical gloves, power-assisted astronaut gloves, prosthetics, braces, and other works.





GERM Studio

RISD Advanced Design Studio

Spring 2015

This advanced design studio course focused on the design of healthcare environments and specifically targeted the reduction of healthcare-associated infections. The course engaged two experts: Bryan Langlands (NBBJ New York) and Dr. Michael Phillips (NYU Langone Medical Center). [Read More]


GERM Fresh

Collaboration with Lea Hershkowitz

Summer 2015

This research project explores the composition of healthy biomes within the built environment. The work is supported by a RISD Summer Bridge Grant.


Biomolecular Sensor System

Yeadon Space Agency with Dr. Oliver Medvedik


The project focuses on the invention of a new kind of device for detecting harmful agents in drinking water, and the environment that surrounds us. The work has been written about in Metropolis Magazine and Synthetic Aesthetics. It was also presented at the Institute of Medicine’s Forum on Microbial Threats. [Read More]


Project Underwrap

Yeadon Space Agency with Viemeister Industries


The project uses advanced nanostructured materials to provide an aging population with better hip protection.


Disaster Go Bag

Yeadon Space Agency


The project envisions a new type of Go Bag for citizens that need to evacuate their community during disasters. The design uses smart materials and nanomaterials to provide clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, warmth, light, power, alerts, and other services to users. Beyond event preparedness, the Go Bag might also be useful for direct deployment to victims during the relief efforts that follow disasters. [Read More]



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