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Yuriko Saito is Professor of Philosophy at RISD. Many courses she teaches utilize her research on everyday aesthetics, environmental aesthetics, and Japanese aesthetics. Her book, Everyday Aesthetics, published by Oxford University Press in 2007, has generated global readership as well as cross-disciplinary dialogues. In addition to publishing a number of journal articles and book chapters and giving presentations at international conferences, she serves on the editorial board of several academic journals.





Ecological Responsibility in Art and Design

RISD Liberal Arts Elective

Regularly offered

This course explores issues in environmental ethics with a specific emphasis on the responsibility of artists and designers. Among the topics for discussion are theoretical issues involved in environmental health, environmental justice, and sustainable design


Philosophy of Food

RISD Liberal Arts Elective

Regularly offered

This course explores philosophical issues involved in food production and consumption. Among the topics we explore are the body-mind relationship, implications of various modes of food production (e.g., agribusiness, mono-crop, organic food, GMO), individual freedom regarding food consumption, and food insecurity and justice.


Everyday Aesthetics

2007, 2010

Published in 2007 (paperback edition 2010) by Oxford University Press, this book created responses from global readership as well as from different disciplines and practices outside of philosophy. One of them is a research by a group of Irish medical professionals regarding the aesthetics of hospital environment, published in The Lancet.


Artification Project


Funded by the Academy of Finland, this research project explored various dimensions and implications of the increasingly popular practice of ‘artification,’ the application of art and art-like approach to areas that have not been traditionally associated with art, such as business, medicine, science, and education. In addition to the two international conferences held in Finland, collection of essays co-edited by Saito and the principal investigator, Ossi Naukkarinen, Vice Dean of teaching and head of research at Aalto University, were published in 2012 as a special volume of online journal, Contemporary Aesthetics, including Susann Vihma’s piece on “Artification for Well-Being: Institutional Living as a Special Case.”



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